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Awardee and Date Announcement
Heartland ADL is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2019 Vern Barnet Interfaith Service Award is the Peace Pavilion (formerly, the Childrens Peace Pavilion) in Independence, MO.  The dinner will be held on the second Sunday of November - Sunday, November 10, 2019 - at s venue to be announced later.  Watch our website and Facebook page as plans proceed.  The Peace Pavilion ( has more than 25 interactive exhibits that engage visitors in learning a variety of life skills such as self-acceptance and appreciation, communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, cultural appreciation, and planetary stewardship.
Announcement of Venue!
The   2019 Annual   Interfaith Thanksgiving   Dinner   wil   be   held   at   the   new   location   of this    year’s    award    winner,    the    Peace    Pavilion,    at    607    W.    Lexington    in Independence,    MO.        It    is    a    great    facility    and    will    afford    an    opportunity    for everyone   to   share   in   the   excitement   of   the   “new   and   improved”   Peace   Pavilion, with   its   great   plans   for   expansion   into   new   exhibits   and   hands-on   activities   for   all ages, all in furtherance of peace, within and without and for all!
Keep watching for more detail to come!